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Can you remember the last time you felt relaxed and were able to really enjoy your family? We know that being a parent is not easy or fun when kids are out of control and you are left nagging, reminding, begging and bribing them to behave. When family communication breaks down, we can find ourselves avoiding or yelling instead of making family agreements together that are upheld and respected. Family therapy can help you stop the arguing, improve communication, and rebuild family relationships so everyone can feel heard, understood, in control, and loved. You will feel more united with your partner and your kids will become more responsible and respectful at home and at school.


It is so upsetting to see your child struggling. Whether your child is experiencing general sense of anxiety, anger and angst or more intense life situations like moving, divorce, blended families, a change in schools, problems with teachers, learning differences, social skills issues, trauma, or meltdowns, we can help resolve the emotional issues so that kids can feel heard and understood and you will get better behavior as a result. We will help your kids build skills to meet their unique challenges in life and help you create a home environment that fosters your child's success. Register for the parenting class at the same time for the best results.


Does your teen seem distant and angry or show more distress than the usual teen-age attitude? Many parents are at a loss for what to do when their teens want more independence and begin communicating less while the risks for teens are so high these days. Disrespectful attitudes and mood swings can escalate into withdrawal from friends, failing grades, truancy, missed curfews, and alcohol or drug use. Some teens turn to suicidal threats when they are struggling with anxiety or depression and lack the coping skills to deal with life's challenges. We can help turn this around. When teens are able to start identifying feelings, create overall feelings of self-worth, and gain confidence in themselves and their decisions, they begin to feel healthier, happier, and more successful. Register for our parenting class to learn how to strengthen these relationships at such a vital time with teen counseling.


Therapy groups can be an effective adjunct to therapy. We offer parenting classes, co-parenting classes, social skills groups, and support groups for teens and young adults managing the transition to college and for women in transition.

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